Memories and Inspiration

This song is perfect to remember and relive inspiring moments

Full of hope and inspiration, this piece of music is convenient for multiple communication situations. It transmits good feelings and good vibes. This can clearly be seen from the beginning of the song to its ending in its different parts. What gets this hope and what inspires the audience is the perfect union of the voices that accompany the main melody. It is a piece of music that will add value to your productions and that can be used to communicate a good message to the people.

The instrumentation includes an acoustic guitar (main melody and rhythm guitar), synthesizers (base of almost all the harmony), voices (help sustain the melody and give hope).

Some related words: inspiration, hope, desire, happiness, faith, love, friendship, emotion, emotional, young, old, memories, good moments, life, corporate, sentimental, feelings, positive feelings, good vibes.

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