Medal of Honor

This song generates a position of deep respect and honor for something happened. It also provides feelings of improvement and congratulation on achieved milestones.

It is also an ideal song to face complicated stages in life. And it can also be used to motivate your audience. You can think about this song remembering epic situations you have already experienced in your life. This tune will do not leave your audience indifferent.

This song is also perfect to make epic any moment of your day. With this epic sounds you will be arouse a sense of invincibility, because it generates a feeling that permit you overcome any circumstance. It is perfect to catch the audience from the very first second.

Instrumentation includes Strings (where all the other instruments rest), Winds (trombone, horn, trumpet, flute, etc.), Contrabass (fundamental to ease the understanding of the harmony) and Timbal (is the key to follow the rhythm of the song).

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